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UNDER LOCK AND KEY... Increase your revenue with keys!

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Not only is this a market leading product, it is enhanced by superb marketing and benefits such as the £1000 guarantee against forced entry.  

You can also take advantage of opportunities such as additional keys and cylinder upgrades. Both of these provide you with an additional revenue stream or alternatively could be used to help you secure that valued order. Blanks for Ultion keys are not widely available and can only be purchased from Ultion or approved suppliers.  We have set up a flexible working arrangement with Ultion which can literally be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Here are a few options to consider:

OPTION 1: Use the fact that you can offer the number of keys your customer needs with each door sale. No need to offer your customers the standard 2/3 keys with each door, most people need much more nowadays.  We have key cutting equipment on-site now and can supply your doors complete with any number of keys.  It may be another element that helps you secure the project.

OPTION 2: Create an extra revenue stream by ordering replacement keys for your customers. If you’re looking for areas to improve your bottom line, this is one to think about.  For customers who’d like to order replacement or additional keys after installation, you take their payment, then contact us to make the keys.  Keys ordered from Glazerite will be charged at trade price.

OPTION 3: So maybe you have enough on and can do without this added work. If you aren’t interested in the revenue stream, you can just refer your customers directly to Brisant to order their keys. 

No matter how you intend to deliver this part of your service, there is an approach to suit you.   Or you may want to simply try an approach and see how it works for you.

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