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The true value of Secured by Design

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Secured by Design is by no means new to the industry, in fact, it’s been around for a few decades and most people including homeowners now recognise the mark and what it symbolises.  Since Document Q came into force in October, it seems to have left a few grey areas in relation to SBD.

This is mainly because the document outlines the need for Windows and doors to be PAS 24 or Secured by Design to comply with the new regulation.  For those fabricators who were already working to these standards and often supplying as an upgrade option as standard, this was a fairly painless transition.

How is SBD different to Document Q?

Under the specifications of Secured by Design testing of products is much more rigorous than outlined in Document Q.  An independent third party certification from a UKAS accredited Certification authority is needed for all products.  

How has SBD changed recently?

To align to the new standard the Secured by Design Award has now been expanded to include a tiered system: 

Gold Award, the property has to achieve the requirements of Approved Document Q and also show that the development layout and some ancillary security requirements, such as lighting and cycle storage, have been met. 

Silver Award, fully discharges the requirements of Approved Document Q and requires certification from independent third-party certification bodies. 

Bronze Award, is primarily for the refurbishment market but, where issued in respect of a new home with ‘bespoke’ products, it can also satisfy the requirements of approved Document Q.

Is SBD just relevant for new-builds?

Document Q only applies to new builds (including extensions) and not necessary for all those refurbishment projects undertaken which would also benefit.  When quoting and specifying windows and doors for new projects installation companies have to be confident of the extended benefits of Secured by Design  - it’s not just about a route to comply with legislation.  

The principles of Secured by Design have been proven to reduce the risk and the fear of crime.  This comes from a number of research projects, such as:

West Yorkshire -  research demonstrated Secured by Design award newly built developments are up to 75% less likely to experience crime.

Glasgow - research demonstrated Secured by Design refurbished developments are up to 63% less likely to experience crime.

Nationally - Householders who aren’t offered security recommendations after a burglary are 69% more likely to suffer a repeat incident than those who are offered advice.


Builders and housing developers are now being pushed to consider the security provision of properties they are building.  Security is a basic need that most homeowners will want to satisfy when looking at replacement windows and doors.  This is the opportunity to share the features of the optional upgrade and reinforce the value of Secured by Design.

What does it take to have products certified?

To be certified under this initiative, the window frame or door frame and corresponding lock and hardware set has to be able to withstand a series of physical tests based on common burglary methods. 

For our windows this means the complete assembled “Window” has been tested to British Standard PAS 24-1:2012 ‘Windows of Enhanced Security:

The addition of a simple hinge protector.

All ground floor and easy to reach windows should be fitted and locked with keys, with the exception of those for escape in case of a fire.

Where possible, laminated glass should be used for all windows that are used as fire escape, where locks cannot be fitted or within easy reach of door locks.

For replacement windows consider using laminated glass, in vulnerable areas, as it is much harder to break.

For our doors, this means the complete assembled “door set” has been tested to British Standard PAS 24-1:2012 ‘Doors of Enhanced Security”.

  • Our standard cylinder is replaced with a Europrofile cylinder - 3 star TS007 standard:
  • 6.8mm laminated glass
  • Vision panel or spy hole to identify callers
  • Letterboxes fitted 16” (40cm) away from locks and restrictor is fitted
  • Door chains fitted

What products from Glazerite can be Secured by Design?

We use VEKA profiles, renowned for long-standing strength and durability. Coupled with a great selection of Fab and Fix furniture and Maco Hardware to offer the ultimate in security. Casement windows, vertical sliders, PVC doors, French doors, composite doors, bi-folding and patio doors are all available from Glazerite with an easy upgrade option to PAS 24 which automatically gives you Secured by Design Certification. Just specify “Secured by Design” on orders for any of these products.


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