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How important is digital marketing to your business?

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Our daily lives are changing and everything, like it or not is  heading to us all being a little more digital savvy than ever before.  It’s a natural reaction for most of us to go online and research before we make any type of decision in our lives. 

This is impacting on how we as a business talk to existing customers or those we’d like to do business with.  It’s not only about having an effective online presence, but making sure you use your website to engage with customers and making the most of the social media channels available.

The black art of marketing

Marketing in itself is often seen as a bit of a black art and there are plenty of good reasons for this.  Whether you’ve produced a brochure, flyer or radio ad, it’s often really hard to figure out if it’s hitting the right spots for your customers.  Measuring the results and impact it’s had on your business can be really difficult too... Did you actually get any sales as a direct result?

The main things you want to know are:

  • Audience: Who seen/heard it?  
  • Channels: Where did they see or hear it?
  • Engagement: Who responded to it? 
  • Commitment: Did they buy or even consider? 
  • Evaluation: If they didn’t why didn’t they?

For many small businesses it's difficult to justify a budget to cover marketing and many are often misled into believing that this needs to be a substantial budget. The truth is it doesn’t have to be and there are things that can be done at very low cost.   An additional benefit of working with a large fabricator like Glazerite is that you have access to marketing support and advice.  This is offered to all of our installers, so please talk to us.

Moving into the new world

Digital marketing effectively takes your marketing to a new level. There are many good reasons for getting on board with it:

Generally free

Being that often many of the channels are free, it’s really about finding the right things to say to your customers...that will engage them.





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