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Triple Glazed Windows

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a staggering 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows.

Installing energy-efficient uPVC windows is an essential part of keeping the cost of your customers’ energy bills down. Our triple glazing boasts excellent energy efficiency; with an argon-filled, triple-glazed sealed unit, Matrix 70 energy saving windows can achieve an incredible whole window U-values as low as 0.8; the equivalent of a WER A+ rated window.

We offer windows and doors at the forefront of the energy saving fenestration product range, with Triple glazed units manufactured with Matrix 70, Matrix FS70 and Infinity profiles. 

Customers concerned about the environment, wishing to reduce their carbon footprint further, can choose the Bevelled (Chamfered) Matrix Infinity profile with its 80% recycled content and 100% virgin uPVC top skin exterior. The Infinity profile helps to reduce the natural resources used whilst ensuring a product that looks great and comes with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on both our uPVC and locks.

Triple glazing is the key to reducing heat loss through your windows and will help to reduce your fuel bills.


  • Triple glazed units are up to 40% more thermally efficient than double glazed units.
  • A window fitted with triple glazed units exceeds the current “A” rated window energy rating.
  • The internal surface temperature of a single glazed window is around 1°c.
  • The internal surface temperature of a double glazed window (fitted 10 years ago) is generally around 11°c.
  • The internal surface temperature of a triple glazed window pane is 18°c with a u-value of 0.68.
  • Triple glazed units will not overheat your home. The level of solar gain is actually less than double glazed units due to the extra pane of glass and additional cavity.



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Triple Glazed Windows Triple Glazed Windows Triple Glazed Windows
Colour Options
Glass Patterns
Agate Grey Agate Grey
Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey Smooth Anthracite Grey Smooth
Balmoral Balmoral
Basalt Grey Basalt Grey
Beck Brown Beck Brown
Brilliant White Brilliant White
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Cream Cream
Dark Green Dark Green
Dark Red Dark Red
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Light Ivory Light Ivory
Light Oak Light Oak
Monument Oak Monument Oak
Mountain Pine Mountain Pine
Natural Oak Natural Oak
Pebble Grey Pebble Grey
Regency A Regency A
Rosewood Rosewood
Siena PN Siena PN
Silver Grey Silver Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Steel Blue Steel Blue
Walnut V Walnut V
White White
Windsor Windsor
Arctic 1 Arctic 1
Arctic 2 Arctic 2
Autumn 1 Autumn 1
Autumn 2 Autumn 2
Brocade Brocade
Canterbury Canterbury
Chantilly 1 Chantilly 1
Chantilly 2 Chantilly 2
Chantilly 3 Chantilly 3
Charcoal 1 Charcoal 1
Charcoal 2 Charcoal 2
Contora 1 Contora 1
Contora 2 Contora 2
Coppice Coppice
Cotswold 1 Cotswold 1
Cotswold 2 Cotswold 2
Digital 1 Digital 1
Digital 2 Digital 2
Everglade 1 Everglade 1
Everglade 2 Everglade 2
Flemish 1 Flemish 1
Flemish 2 Flemish 2
Florielle 1 Florielle 1
Florielle 2 Florielle 2
Laurel Laurel
Mayflower 1 Mayflower 1
Mayflower 2 Mayflower 2
Minster 1 Minster 1
Minster 2 Minster 2
Oak 1 Oak 1
Oak 2 Oak 2
Pelerine 1 Pelerine 1
Pelerine 2 Pelerine 2
Stippolyte 1 Stippolyte 1
Stippolyte 2 Stippolyte 2
Sycamore 1 Sycamore 1
Sycamore 2 Sycamore 2
Taffeta 1 Taffeta 1
Taffeta 2 Taffeta 2
Texture Brocade Texture Brocade
Texture Canterbury Texture Canterbury
Texture Coppice Texture Coppice
Texture Laurel Texture Laurel
Warwick 1 Warwick 1
Warwick 2 Warwick 2
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